"In the galaxy of languages,
each person's voice is a star"

motto of the Observatoire linguistique, in French since 1990,
and the inspiration of our Odyssey

the linguasphere register Vol2

Welcome aboard linguasphere.info , webship of the Observatoire linguistique. The Observatoire is a largely voluntary transnational research organisation, created in Quebec in 1983 and subsequently based in Normandy and Wales. Concerned with the interaction of all languages within our global “linguasphere”, the Observatory completed and published the first fascicules of its Répertoire in French in 1993, and of its entire Linguasphere Register in English in December 1999/January 2000.


From November 2012, on the occasion of the Third Symposium in Paris on Multilingualism in Cyberspace, the Observatoire linguistique has launched the first systematic online publication of the entire text of its 1999/2000 Register of the World’s Languages and Speech Communities, including its geolinguistic classification, coding and alphabetic indexing of the world’s languages, language varieties and language groupings.

The structure of this foundation edition of the Register provides the framework for the ongoing research of the Observatoire linguistique, and for the further development and expansion of this site as a free public information service. With your help, we shall seek to make this site available from 2013 in several of the world’s “arterial” languages.